In the Bath Festival Crowd watching Van Morrison, 2019.
Image by Jacqueline O’Neill

My name is Bethany-Jo O’Neill and I am a current MA Journalism Student at University of Brighton.

After graduating from University of Birmingham with a First Class (with Honours) Degree in English with Philosophy, I decided to pursue my long-term career ambition of becoming a Music Journalist. To achieve this, I have embarked on the MA Journalism course at University of Brighton where I will also be training for the NCTJ.

I have a passion for all things music and love writing reviews, features and interviews.

I am committed to reporting on the emerging music scene in my home town of Newbury. I endeavour to spotlight as much of the music from this area as possible in the ‘Newbury’s New Music’ section of my website.

As I am currently studying in Brighton, I am also on a mission to attend as many of the city’s music venues as possible and write reviews of all the bands I see. There is nothing quite like live music and the buzz you get from it. Being able to enjoy these experiences again after the Covid-19 Lockdowns is an honour I cherish now more than ever.


Music Editor at Redbrick (University of Birmingham’s Student Newspaper)

January 2020- June 2021

Within my role as a Music Editor, I was responsible for liaising between writers and PR teams via email to organise live press opportunities, interviews and advance streams.

In addition to this, I helped run the Music Section’s social media channels to ensure content was current and shared to as many people as possible.

Alongside creating my own content, (which can be found here), much of my time was spent editing the work of the excellent writers in my team. This included checking the articles for grammar, meaning, SEO and media law compliance.

The soft skills I acquired as a result of this role include: leadership, teamwork and organisation.


Adobe In Design

I have experience with designing pages for print publication using Adobe InDesign.


I am able to work on WordPress to create, design and upload content for myself and others.

Adobe Premier Pro

I am proficient in using platforms such as Adobe Premier Pro in order to create audio and visual content.

Social Media

I run my own professional social media channels to regularly upload my own content alongside my opinions on all things music.

Let’s make something together.